Wednesday, June 22, 2011

It's that time...

It's almost time for the Geisel Award Ceremony! Do you know that that means? Yes, time for me to go dress shopping!

I decided that this year's theme would be silver, in honor of my silver medal. This however proved to be a bit difficult as many silver dresses seemed a bit

So I decided to consider "silver grey." This was a unique shopping experience for me, as I tend towards clothes that are bright colors--perusing the neutrals was a mind-broadening experience and pocketbook-thinning experience. For, of course, while shopping in this new territory I found a bunch of "extra" beige and grey dresses, so now my wardrobe has quite expanded. But I digress! Back to the Geisel dress.

Silver-grey...first I considered something like this:which I quite liked but didn't seem special enough for an awards ceremony.

Then there was this:
but I have a horror of strapless dresses.

And then, this:
Hmm, more bombshell than children's author, don't you think?

Nothing was quite calling to me until I saw this dress:
OOOH! Be still my Anne-of-Green-Gables-heart! I loved this one. Cute but elegant, sophisticated but young...I plopped down my money, well pleased. Perfect! All was well until about a week go when I received my schedule for the ceremony.

That's when I found out the Geisel Award Ceremony isn't a banquet like the Newbery or a breakfast like the Coretta Scott King. It is a much more relaxed affair, before lunch and after breakfast. My beloved new silver-grey dress was going to be a bit too much for it. Boo!

So, back to the internet shopping I went...back to the endless quest for the perfect and appropriate silver-grey dress...searching..searching...until finally, I've decided on this:

I'll wear it with some silver shoes...if I can find a pair.


pd said...

You make me smile :)

Jillian said...

That's a gorgeous flower dress! And I hope you find some silver shoes! (Perhaps like Dorothy is wearing in the beginning of The Wizard of Oz book. I'm reading it for the first time!)

Michaele Razi said...

How fun! The dresses you chose are just lovely!

ang said...

Congratulations on the Geisel Honor! What a wonderful award and achievement. Have a super fantastic time at the ALA ceremony/conference. You will be mobbed by fans (librarian/teachers, readers young and old)! From a long-time fan in California -- Angela Hom

Soo Yun said...

i like the strapless dress and the flower dress~~ but if i have to choose.. i'll pick the strapless one~ XD coz i love dresses like that.. heehee~~

lessalibrarian said...

Hi Grace!
I stopped you in the hallway of the convention center on Monday to ask you for a picture and told you how much I love reading your blog -- Some fan I am, I was a week behind and didn't see all the hard work you put into that fabulous flower dress you had on and didn't compliment you nearly enough! I just wanted to say congrats on the award and thank you SO much for humoring me with a picture. It was a great honor!

Grace Lin said...

Thanks everyone! Luckily I got to wear my Anne-of-Green-Gables grey dress anyway (even though it isn't really very Anne-ish, not even the right era)! And even my flowered dress was a little but over-dressed for the event, but I still loved it! I hope I get to wear the dresses again!

Grace Lin said...

Lessa--it was nice meeting you, albeit very briefly! I'm hoping help APALA with a fundraising project so maybe our paths will cross more directly in the future!

lessalibrarian said...

Grace, I look forward to it!!