Monday, June 20, 2011

on my desk monday

Eeks! It's an advanced reading copy of Dumpling Days! The book doesn't officially come out until January 2012, but the review copies were printed in time for next week's American Library Association Conference.

I admit I'm a bit worried about these advanced reading copies. Remember how I said I did my first edits on the computer and it was only after I reread the manuscript on paper that I noticed how many more changes were needed? Well, the advanced reading copy is before those extra changes. So, even though the story is still pretty much the same, but there is some dead wood that needs clearing in this version. So far, luckily, people haven't held that against me (I can't believe there is a review of it already!).

Final version out in stores January 2012!!


Deva Fagan said...

Very excited for this! I just finished Year of the Rat and really enjoyed it!

Kayla .N. said...

These are students from Deering middle school speaking! Our names are Jayda Reed and Sydnee costa and we really would like to read this new book! Also we would like to meet you some day! You are an excelent author.

Sicerly, sydnee Costa and Jayda Reed

shelf-employed said...

I'll look for you @ ALA! I understand that you'll be signing books, yes? Lisa

Grace Lin said...

Thanks everyone! I'm crossing my fingers that this book does okay.

It's nice to meet you Jayda and Sydnee. I'm glad you like my books & I also hope you get to read this one!

Lisa, I'll be signing books on Saturday at 10. It would be great to meet you!

betsy said...

Yay! We are counting down the days until publication! Congratulations, Grace! So exciting!

Jillian said...

*screams uncontrollably*
*hands fly to cheeks*

Misty said...

cool i cant wait
my favorite book from you is where the mountain meets the moon i finished it today