Monday, March 28, 2011

on my desk monday

To promote the Chinese edition of Where the Mountain Meets the Moon there was an article of me in Taiwan's newspaper the China Times. I have no idea what is says, but my mom tells me it is quite nice!


Jillian said...

Hi Grace! Last week, for a school project, I began writing the "back story" about how you came up with the idea for Year of the Dog. We had to do research about the author, the time the book was published, and under what circumstances you wrote it. I had a lot of fun on, especially on the "Story Behind the Story" page. Thank you SO MUCH for putting that on your site. Otherwise I would've had lots of trouble with my research!

Grace Lin said...

Hi Jillian! So glad the info on the website helped!

Jillian said...

The project turned out great! We presented the poster and I talked for a long time about the book.