Tuesday, March 15, 2011

book talk tuesday

THE NIGHT FAIRY by Laura Amy Schlitz

IndieBound Description:
What would happen to a fairy if she lost her wings and could no longer fly? Flory, a young night fairy no taller than an acorn and still becoming accustomed to her wings — wings as beautiful as those of a luna moth — is about to find out. What she discovers is that the world is very big and very dangerous. But Flory is fierce and willing to do whatever it takes to survive. If that means telling others what to do — like Skuggle, a squirrel ruled by his stomach — so be it. Not every creature, however, is as willing
to bend to Flory’s demands. Newbery Medal winner Laura Amy Schlitz and world-renowned illustrator and miniaturist Angela Barrett venture into the realm of the illustrated classic — a classic entirely and exquisitely of their making, and a magnificent adventure.

My Thoughts: Like my initial reservations of the Princess Academy, I was afraid this book was going to be a fluffy, saccharine fairy story. But it is not. It's a wonderful story with a strong character and adventure, truly beautifully written. Enjoy!