Thursday, March 24, 2011

drawing on the wall

Mary, my lovely librarian hostess in Arizona is something of a children's book author/illustrator kingpin. She has entertained countless children's book literati at her home for dinner and in the last couple of years has asked them to "sign her wall."

I, myself, added my mark to her wall--to pay for that great orange juice and also because I always feel a bit cheerfully mischievous when I draw on a wall (flashbacks to my Mom telling me not to when I was a child).

Though, I was a bit nervous, considering my drawing would be next to drawings of luminaries such as David Catrow, Jack Gantos, and my friend Meghan McCarthy.But I think my dragon turned out okay, even though it did neighbor Brian Lies's great bat drawing:

What do you think?


Irene said...

I think your dragon is lovely, and I love the idea of having so many talented artists sign a wall! If she ever moves, she'll have to take the wall with her!

posse said...

This wall is so cool.

Kathy said...

That is SOO cool - I want to do this in my library, but I don't have a good wall to do it on.

Jillian said...

This is the best idea I've heard this year. If only MY mom would let me do that on one of my walls...

Grace Lin said...

Thanks, everyone! Mary told me that she's going to consult a builder about taking the wall with her if she ever moves!

Meghan McCarthy said...

Grace, your dragon is awesome!

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