Monday, March 14, 2011

on my desk monday

Freshly picked oranges! Yum!

During my school visits in Arizona, my host supplied me with delicious oranges picked straight from her own tree. I think having your own orange tree sounds a bit like Paradise, don't you?


gail said...

Oh, I do! And it is. I live just off Paradise Lane, really! I have an orange, lemon, line, tangello, and grapefruit tree. In a week or two they should all be in full bloom which is another form of paradise. Nice bumping into you in Tucson!

Jillian said...

I would love to have an apple tree. Or maybe a banana vine. Bananas do grow on vines, right?

Grace Lin said...

Ooh! Gail, you are lucky!! Sorry not to have more time to talk to you in Tucson, I think you caught me right as I was starting to begin an interview of Candace so I was a little distracted.

Jillian--I think bananas are on trees? or is that just coconuts? Anyway, my dream is to have a peach tree, since the NE climate will not support an orange tree!