Saturday, March 12, 2011


After my research at the Met, my good friends Alvina and Libby took me out to for some girly fun to belatedly celebrate Ling and Ting's Geisel Honor. So, all dress up in my blue dress (this is the second time I've worn it! Yay!), we went out to a bar for drinks so I could pretend I was like one of those fashionable, sophisticates on "Sex in the City":

But, of course, the bar was children's book themed! We went to Bemelmans Bar. Does that name sound familiar? Sort of? Does this help?

Yes, it was a bar where all the walls were original murals by Ludwig Bemelmans--the author and illustrator of Madeline! The art was soo gorgeous in person, but it was so dark in the bar that none of my photos came out that well. But it was a magical experience, sipping in wine and awing at children's book genius.

Next time, I hope we get to go during the day so I can get a better look at the walls. Of course, I'll have to think of some excuse to celebrate...any ideas?