Wednesday, March 31, 2010

school visit fun

It always makes me happy to see the projects students do with my books. At a recent visit some students wrote their own haikus, based on Our Seasons:

Others, inspired by The Ugly Vegetables, creatively wrote about their own imaginary ugly vegetables:

The older students researched their Chinese zodiacs, just like in The Year of the Dog & The Year of the Rat:

And others, inspired by Fortune Cookie Fortunes, wrote their own fortunes:

I particularly liked this pink one:
Because it came true! Thanks so much, Mount Prospect School!


janet wong said...

Those are some pretty neat examples of student work! My favorite message is "You must be wise" for its choice of meaning ("you ought to be wise" or "you are wise")--appropriate for anyone!

Grace Lin said...

My favorite one is "you will be a famous wrestler!"