Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I hope you aren't sick of me...

So, it's official! I am super excited to say that I am now contracted for THREE more novels! Yes, three. I really hope you are aren't sick of my books because there are three more coming down the pipeline. Right now, the ideas for them are:

1. DUMPLING DAYS: I did a quick little poll on my facebook fan page asking if people would rather another fantasy like Where the Mountain Meets the Moon or a sequel to The Year of the Rat. It was close, but the majority wanted to find out what else happened to Pacy. Well, the Writing Muse can be finicky and contrary but this time it was rather amenable. Because DUMPLING DAYS, as I am calling it now, will be the further adventures of Pacy--specifically the summer she visits Taiwan with her family and experiences the Ghost Festival. If you notice, the Writing Muse was not, however, willing to make the story into "The Year of the Pig" or "The Year of the Tiger" but you never know. Writing Muses are very fickle. The book is slated for publication in Fall 2011

2. RETURN TO SKY: After writing, Where the Mountain Meets the Moon, I realized there were so many stories that I wanted so badly to use but was not able to. Those "leftover" stories have twisted around and are beginning to form a new story, which will be RETURN TO SKY. It will be another folktale/fantasy like Where the Mountain Meets the Moon but it will not be a sequel. It will be more like a companion book (I have sneaking suspicion one of the characters from Where the Mountain Meets the Moon will show up). I am pretty excited about this one, but am glad it is not slated until Fall 2012 because that gives me plenty of time to do it right.

3. NEEDLE AT SEA BOTTOM: This will also be a folktale/fantasy companion book to Where the Mountain Meets the Moon and RETURN TO SKY. I have lofty aspirations of making the three into a trilogy of sorts. This book idea is actually inspired by a tai chi posture (for a short while I was learning tai chi, I need to find time to get back to that...). If all goes as planned, I will be writing a boy as the main character! The book is not expected out until Fall 2013.

And after that, what will I do? Who knows? Maybe something completely different. A mystery? A romance? A cookbook? Or maybe just go on vacation. (A travel book sounds nice, doesn't it?)