Thursday, March 25, 2010

my wedding things (on thursdays)

When one has to get married within 90 days on a limited budget, there are things that you let slide. Or you let others take care of. I am truly fortunate that my mother is an award-winning floral designer, as well as flower show judge...which meant she did the flowers!

While that made things much simpler for me, it wasn't easy on her. After our wholesale flowers arrived, my mother was constantly at work. We had to tear her away so that she wouldn't be late for the ceremony. But it was true artistry at work. My cousin Austin described how she would move a flower an inch, step back and then move the flower another half inch...and did this for hours. Suddenly, I am beginning to understand where I get my painting patience/particularities from:

But it was worth it!

Baby Maia thinks so!