Friday, March 12, 2010

fortune cookie friday

"There are no mistakes, only lessons."
-Chinese Proverb


MotherReader said...

Thanks, I needed that today.

Janet said...

Hello, Grace. I wanted to share with you how I discovered you and your writing and art. My son, who is 7, came home from school a few weeks ago, and googled "Mooncakes". He has high functioning autism, and one of his strengths is computers. He went to images, and we looked at many mooncakes. I asked him if someone had brought some to school (as I had never heard of them). He answered, "no", but did not explain. The thought that it could be from a book didn't cross my mind. An hour later, I was casually looking at children's books online and I saw the title, "Round is a Mooncake". It was so curious, it made me look twice. It was, in fact, what he was thinking about. Since then, I have discovered your fantastic blog and work. You have so much positivity and loveliness to share with the world. Thank you for sharing yourself so wholeheartedly with all of us. Oh, and it cracks me up that you are phone phobic. Me too! LOL