Tuesday, March 9, 2010

book talk tuesday

THE TROLLS by Polly Horvath

IndieBound Description:
Aunt Sally is beyond any of Melissa, Amanda, and Pee Wee's expectations. She has come all the way from Vancouver Island, Canada, to take care of the children while their parents are away, and right from the start Aunt Sally enchants them with tales of her childhood with their father. Odd characters figure largely in the stories, like Maud, a hunter rumored to have killed eighty cougars; Great-uncle Louis, a health nut who insists everyone should gnaw on sticks for extra fiber; and Fat Little Mean Girl, the star of a cautionary tale involving witchcraft and candy. All of Aunt Sally's reminiscences lead up to a crucial story about trolls, sinister creatures who supposedly lurked along the shore at night. The trolls had the power to change Aunt Sally's life forever, and their legacy may change the lives of the three present-day children as well.

My Thoughts: Polly Horvath won the Newbery Honor for Everything on a Waffle which was a lovely book, but I personally like this one better. Horvath intertwines small family stories into the larger one, which very much inspired how I wrote my books The Year of the Dog and The Year of the Rat!