Wednesday, December 2, 2009

winner of very yummy jam!

I was going to do a very elaborate drawing of the jam winner from my Choose My Today Show outfit post but it stalled. It was going to be fun, involving buttons but I was not able to find enough buttons in my house. Strange how that works. When you don't need buttons, they are everywhere.

So rather than go out an buy buttons or think of a new scheme--my brain is not functioning well these days--I thought I would just pick a number at random and go from there.

Well, not exactly at random. I'm feeling in need of luck (I am starting to get a bit nervous now about the interview) and the luckiest number in Chinese culture is 8, because it is a homonym with prosperity. I could use luck and prosperity so commenter #8 wins the extremely yummy jam and that is....


Martha, please e-mail me your address at and I'll get your jam out to you. Um, don't expect it until after the 4th though...