Thursday, December 10, 2009

on the way to the grocery store

I'm still participating in the BOOKS WITH FLAIR program! So, slightly disheveled (can you tell I'm still a bit tired from my NY trip?) and on my way to the grocery store, I went & signed the books waiting for me at the Porter Square Book Store.

I really love this Books with Flair program! For just a tiny bit more effort, you get the book autographed and you support a small business. Me, personally, I love getting autographed books for the holidays and it's fun to give them too--it just makes the gift that much more special. So it's very much worth the effort.

Just to recap for your own personally autographed copy of one of my books:

1. Simply call the Porter Square Bookstore at 617-491-2220

2. Ask for a signed or personalized copy of Where the Mountain Meets the Moon or any other book I've authored. Tell the bookseller to whom you want the book(s) autographed to, as well as pertinent shipping & payment info.

3. A day or a couple days later (I live very close by) I will come by the store, sign the book(s)

4. The store (really the above Ellen Jarrett) will mail it right out to you. (You do have to pay the shipping, but the store will gift wrap!)

5. And you have made someone especially happy!

Timing for holiday shipping is getting shorter--so get your order in!