Wednesday, December 9, 2009

coming down

So after weeks and weeks of Today Show anticipation, what does one do when it's all over?

Well, one could do what I did which was:
-visit the ORIGINAL Pooh Bear and consider illegally liberating him so he can live here, instead.

-stop by a palm reader for "research" (and realize what a bunch of phooey it is! At least this one was, though she did tell me I was going to live until I was 91. )

-eat soup dumplings at Joe Shanghai's! (oh how, I love soup dumplings!)

and sing bad karoke! Well, I sing very badly (my song="Flashdance:What a Feeling"). The others (Melanie, Meghan, TS and Alvina) were pretty good.

And then collapse on the train home where everything that was avoided, pushed aside or ignored for the last couple of weeks is waiting...