Monday, December 21, 2009

on my desk monday

These are the books that I am giving for the holidays! As my cousin Austin said, "So you are trying to save the book industry singlehanded?" Why, yes. Just trying to do my part.

My new favorite book to give friends? The Tao of Pooh! I bought an extra one for myself.

It was also this holiday season that I realized the greatness of graphic novels. For the kids on list who really struggle with reading, I felt like I struck gold when I remember Babymouse and Lunch Lady. Suddenly, I felt like I had some books they would go for...and like!

The books (MG means middle grade book, YA means Young Adult):

Winne Dancing on Her Own
(kind of a deeper Ivy & Bean -MG)
Blow Out the Moon (sweet, nostalgic story about an American girl who moves to England for a year -MG)
Penderwicks on Gardam Street (ok, I just realized that it's Gardam St, not Garden St., but another sweet story-MG)
Any Which Wall (great update on Edward Eager, fun kid book w/magic-MG)
Niubi: The Real Chinese You Weren't Taught in School (Chinese swear words! -Adult)
Lunch Lady (perfect for reluctant readers- MG)
BabyMouse (perfect for reluctant readers that want something girly! MG)
The London Eye Mystery (great mystery written from the point of view of a boy with Aspergers MG)
Graceling (when I asked for something to give other than Twilight, YA)
Charles and Emma (bought for science-brainy friend- biography on Darwin & his wife YA)
Esperanza Rising (MG)
Fortune's Magic Farm (magic, fantasy fun! MG)
The Tao of Pooh (Taoism taught using Pooh! YA, Adult)
The Te of Piglet (Taoism taught using Pooh! YA, Adult)
KiKi Strike (I have a sister named Ki-Ki, how could I resist? YA)
Cabinet of Wonders (I liked the cover a lot! YA)
Stitches (bought it for my cousin who like depressing things YA)
Storm in the Barn (bought for a friend who studied animation MG/YA)
Abigail Spells (for those just starting to spell! preschool)
You Read to Me, I'll Read to You books (for girl just starting to read pre-school)
The Girl Who Drew Phoenixes (beautiful art! pre-school)
The Boy Who Painted Dragons (ditto above)
Pigs Make Me Sneeze (for girl just starting to read pre-school)
Fortune Cookie Chronicles (sister who likes food! Adult)

And there are more...