Thursday, May 22, 2014

Happy Birthday, Rain Dragon!

So even though we've been in our new house for over a year now, it's still very much a work in progress. This is evidenced by the lack of landscaping in our backyard with its dirt piles and sparse grass.

But Rain Dragon's birthday wasn't going to wait for the grass to grow or for us to plant bushes. This was particularly troublesome as I had promised her an egg hunt for her birthday.  Even before Easter she's been enamored with egg hunts and with all the Chinese traditions about red eggs it seemed appropriate to me. 

So, the Sasquatch and I had to get creative...and I really mean that literally. We landscaped with bushes of our own creation:

As well as adding animal friends:

I painted everything, the Sasquatch cut them all out, and we both decorated the yard and hid the eggs:

We had to rope it off so that the kids didn't sneak in ahead of time:

Because once the egg hunt started, it went really fast:

But Rain Dragon loved it, which is what mattered the most to us:

Unfortunately, I spent so much time on the egg hunt preparations that I didn't get the chance to do any special decorations like last year; and I also had to rush her special Maisy cake (it's also why I look so haggard in all the photos--we were up late!). I'm not that happy with how it turned out:

But luckily, at two years old, Rain Dragon isn't that picky...I can't believe she's two!

Happy Birthday, Rain Dragon!