Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Rain Dragon's Lucky Destiny Birthday Party!

Have you just moved? Do you need incentive to unpack and clean your house?  Do you feel like you just want a challenge? I have the solution for you! Have a party!

Yes, even though we were still in boxes, I decided (I take full responsibility, the Sasquatch agreed under protest) that we should have a party to celebrate Rain Dragon's first birthday!  Even though it was a belated birthday party, I was afraid if I waited until we were "ready" she'd be a teenager. 

So we had Rain Dragon's Lucky Destiny Birthday Party! It was themed in red, for luck:

As well as dragons:

first time I baked in the new house!

It was a mad scramble getting the house in order. The Sasquatch's mom very kindly sewed the curtains and pillows for the living room:

it's still a work in progress

But what got the most comments was how I color-coordinated the books on the shelves!

I did this for effect, but it's actually a really great organizing system. Easier to reshelve than the alphabet and I always remember cover colors!
Old friend and new neighbor Alissa brought the red balloons:

And old friends and neighbors-no-longer traveled the distance:

with new baby!

and needed immediate nourishment:

The swingset was a big hit:

it came with the house and distracted from our rather sad landscaping!

And Cousin Lily played "Happy Birthday" on her flute:

I feel like it was just yesterday when we were celebrating her birthday!
But the big event  was when it was time for Rain Dragon to choose her destiny!

If you've read my book Year of the Rat , you'll remember how one-year old Max chooses his destiny at his birthday party. That is a real Chinese custom!  A one year old is presented with a variety of objects, each one symbolizing his/her future vocation.

We had Rain Dragon choose from money (finance manager), wrench (contractor),  computer mouse (computer programmer), book (author/librarian), thermometer (doctor), paintbrush (artist), ball (athlete), spoon (chef/baker), solar lamp (new energy engineer!).

After much hesitation, she chose....

she was a little overwhelmed by all the attention

The spoon!
maybe she will fulfill my cupcake dreams!

Yay!  Rain Dragon is going to be a chef!

Well, even if her lucky destiny isn't quite accurate, at least we know she had a very lucky  birthday party!

everyone clapped, so she clapped too!
Thanks for coming! Happy Birthday, Rain Dragon!