Thursday, June 20, 2013

Belated Post: the new local

Now that we were officially installed in our new house, school visits began to shift. What was once local was now quite a distance and what was once far was now close by. So when I visited the three schools of Longmeadow, I realized that they were now my new local.

And what a great new local it was! With warm welcomes all around:

With super teacher Nina Metz, who promised to be my tour guide for the area
love this!

this is a "red thread" display, showing how people are connected!

To all the amazing projects they did with my books. I loved everything they did with Starry River of the Sky:
The Day of Five Poisons Art activity!
 They even did the Math Puzzles:

I especially loved this door:

I'm impressed they mastered the wang symbol!
the art deserved a close up!
 There were also projects with Where the Mountain Meets the Moon, like handmade goldfish:

and ponderous questions:

these are hilarious! I like the one about no homework.

As well as thoughtful essays and beautiful artwork about their favorite parts:

Ling and Ting was lovingly reillustrated:

And Pacy and Melody's science fair experiment from Year of the Dog was tested:

And, really, that was just a small portion of all the great projects they did!  There were many, many more:
this whole wall is filled with student biographies of yours truly!
It was so nice to realize how great my new local is going to be! Thanks so much, Longmeadow Schools!