Thursday, May 8, 2014

Belated Hong Kong post: Pocket Pacy in Hong Kong and around the world!

Remember those pocket pacys I made before Hong Kong?

Well, I brought them for the students of the Hong Kong International School. Apparently, Pocket Pacy is quite a celebrity there. The lower elementary school  made some Pocket Pacys out of paper and students took the paper ones on vacation:

to places like Cambodia:

Hokkaido, Japan:

And the Madives:

this boy laminated his pocket pacy bookmark and took it underwater!

And if that wasn't enough, the upper elementary school showed off their artistry and creativity but drawing where they would take pocket pacy:

The landscape around Great Wall  never looked so green:

I admit, I have a soft spot for drawings inspired by Where the Mountain Meets the Moon! I think Pacy would love to visit Minli on her way to Fruitless Mountain:

But she's also like Germany, I'm sure:

And Wisconsin (which is exotic when you live in Hong Kong!):

And there's always the moon:

Or she could go visit Taiwan again! The dumpling restaurant is right there:

I think Pocket Pacy enjoyed going to all these places, even if only in her dreams! But I can't wait to see where these new ones go:

Thanks so much, HKIS students!!!