Friday, May 30, 2014

A Cheat Sheet for Selling Diversity

edited to add: If you are having problems downloading cheat sheet as a pdf try HERE to get it in jpg form.

So, tomorrow is the We Need Diverse Books panel discussion! I hope to see you there!!

You may be wondering if I decided to make the cheat sheet I discussed earlier.

The short answer is yes.

download the sheet HERE

However, it wasn't without hesitations. I was very conflicted as I felt that, perhaps, by describing the books without the multicultural label it could be construed that I was ashamed of it. That, somehow, I was afraid of these books wearing their diversity label proudly. I'm still concerned about that.

However (as I wrote on the sheet), I do feel that these books are much more than their racial identities. These are all books with universal themes and emotions that all readers can relate to. But, the racial label, unfortunately, tends to blind readers to everything else that these stories are. And, that, in the end, make the books invisible. Which is an even graver issue, in my mind.

So, here is the Cheat Sheet! Due to my own time, it's not as extensive as I wanted (if people find this useful, I'd love to expand this into 3 or 4 different sheets, one for MG, YA, etc).  But, please download it and distribute it wisely as well as widely. Because we need people to read diverse books and they aren't going to without some help.