Thursday, February 20, 2014

Where the Mountain Meets the Moon hits the stage in the Bay Area!

If you are in the Bay Area, go see Where the Mountain Meets the Moon onstage! I found this video clip with a sneak preview and I really wish I could go!! It opens THIS SAT!!

Min Kahng, the playwright and composer of this production, has also been tweeting images like this:

Oh my gosh, doesn't that look awesome? Did I mention how much I wish I could go?

I will, however, be going to see Boston's Wheelock production in April (I plan to be there for the April 11th and the April 12th shows, there might be a booksigning or something, stay tuned) and I am also going all the way to Hopkins, MN to see the Starry River of the Sky production there (the plan is to be there for the May 3rd show, I think there might also be a booksigning--will let you know!). I am SO, SO thrilled that I will get to see these shows, at least! 

But, if you can, please see the Bay Area production and tell me what I am missing!