Thursday, February 6, 2014

New Year Gold

The other day, a surprise package came to our house. Since neither I nor the Sasquatch were expecting anything, we were quite curious. What was it?

Of course, Rain Dragon had to open it!

It was New Year gold! It was a box of fresh oranges from Paradise, what has become a traditional gift from librarian Mary Wong. And a very much prized and delighted at  yearly gift, I must add. This was Rain Dragon's first experience with the delicious oranges and she was very excited:

I had to explain that they taste better with the "wrapper" off.

As I mentioned earlier, oranges are super lucky for Chinese New Year. It's because the Chinese word for luck is a homonym for the word "wealth"--receiving oranges means we should receive wealth in the New Year!

We definitely feel richer already! Thanks, Mary!