Thursday, October 24, 2013

thanks for a fortunate visit!

And my school visits are now in full swing! Sometimes when I enter a school, I worry how the day will go. But when I recently visited the Hopewell School in CT, all my worries quickly disappeared. 

Because the first thing I saw was a big welcome banner!

And that wasn't all! The whole school was decorated with projects the students had done with books. There was a huge fortune cookie board, in honor of Fortune Cookie Fortunes:

Each class in 4th and 5th (I think) grade wrote their own fortunes:

which were bother flattering:
You have nice shoes!

and encouraging:

You are a great writer!

I was thrilled to see that they also created their own Five Poisons Charms in honor of Starry River of the Sky:

And with the new book now out, I was so happy to see that Ling and Ting was so popular. Some classes had the students imagine they had a twin:

Their little essays cracked me up:
"If I had a twin it wold have the same hair and have the same name...but I am tanner."

my favorite line: "But we have the same allergies."

Other classes wrote how they were similar and different to Ling and Ting:

These were really sweet:
Ling IS kind!

I am  messy like Ting, too!
But the most eye-catching displays in the school were the moon-themed ones; in honor of Where the Mountain Meets the Moon and Thanking the Moon, of course:

this one spans the whole wall of the cafeteria!

Students wrote what they were thankful for:

"I am thankful for my life because I have a wonderful one..."
"Thank you for keeping Captain America alive..."
I think it's funny that this student is thankful for his/her chickens before his her parents!

Yes, I'm thankful for food too...that death drawing is quite gruesome

a hollow shell without penguins!
But I admit it was their secret wishes that I couldn't stop reading:

"...I hop my sistr gets her handstand today." 
"I wish that I was neat and not messy." ME, TOO!

"I wish I had a giant pancake"
" see a unicorn..." I think I had that wish, too.
 But I didn't have to wish for anything more from the school! It was a great visit!

Thanks, Hopewell School!