Thursday, October 3, 2013

School Visit in DC

The Open Book Foundation, a foundation dedicated to promote literacy among disadvantaged children and teens in Washington, DC, invited me to visit a local school during my trip there to the National Book Festival. Luckily, it fit in the schedule and I did my first school visit of the year. 

all the photos were taken from the Open Book Foundation--that is why they are so nice!

It was at the Washington Middle School for Girls and it was lovely! The girls were so attentive while I gave my presentation:

and taught them how to draw a tiger:

And when I went to sign books, an old friend visited:

do you see Pocket Pacy? This is the Pocket Pacy that traveled to Barcelona (and even more places, which I will soon post!) It was fun to meet up with her again!
 But I have to admit, I might have enjoyed meeting some new friends even more:

I think this might be my favorite school visit photo ever

Thanks so much Open Book Foundation! Thanks so much Washington Middle School!