Tuesday, October 8, 2013

National Book Festival

And we were in DC! Hello Capital!

special thanks to Richard Groth and Lorraine Tong for the photos!
This was my first time at the National Book Festival and I wasn't sure what to expect. Unfortunately, it didn't begin auspiciously as there was a mix-up with the booksales (which I'm pretty sure was my fault, I think there was a form that I never got around to sending...ugh! I need an assistant for my life!) so they didn't have many of my books, and none of the  Ling and Ting books.

Also, my performance was right after Food Network Star's Giada De Laurentiis presented! So the overpacked tent quickly and disheartenedly thinned after she left.

But I persevered:

And things quickly took a turn for the better! The tent repopulated nicely:

And I pulled out my Starry River of the Sky presentation which is always a lot of fun:

and probably went over better than if I had done a Ling and Ting presentation anyway!

And I was whisked away for the book signing which was surprisingly long considering the book sale mix-up. Many readers brought their books from home, which was so nice to see.

though Rain Dragon got bored
And even though there weren't any Ling and Ting books, I did get to meet a real life pair:

So a nice time was had by all! It was great fun, thanks DC and the National Book Festival! I hope we get to come again!