Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The NOXIOUS TOAD:A Craft Activity

Make a toad lantern!

Rendi is as confused as the reader when the toad he has found in the well is welcomed by old Mr. Shan and Madame Shan like an old friend.  The sweet and clever toad proves to be a friend to Rendi as well when he frightens off the kidnappers who believe the small toad to be the Noxious Toad that will fill the air with its poison and kill anyone near.  The kidnappers are tricked because the toad has been fed fireflies and glows from within (pages 171-184).  The idea for feeding the toad the fireflies must have come from Madame Chang's wonderful trick of gathering fireflies in silk to make glowing lanterns on a dark night.

The Toad Lantern Craft
(special thanks to Curious City for creating this)

To celebrate, Thanking the Moon: Celebrating the Mid-Autumn Moon Festival,  I designed a Bunny Lantern.  Use that craft if you'd like to make the softer representation of the moon.  If, however, you want to scare your neighbors with the sight of the Noxious Toad or charm them with the sweet toad of Mr. Shan  whose belly is filled with fireflies, you can follow these suggested instructions HERE.

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