Tuesday, October 23, 2012

mini tour with a mini person

So, the Sasquatch and I packed up Rain Dragon and the car (it's cliche but it's completely true--babies, at least their stuff, take up a lot of room!) and started driving. We were going on tour for Starry River of the Sky!

Okay, it was just a mini-teensy-tour. There was a warm-up event in Providence, RI at Books on the Square which went wonderfully (alas, I have no photos!), but the main bulk of the tour was the two day stint in CT. The first day was sponsored by the lovely Elm Street Books, who brought me into two schools as well as the New Canaan Library.

back to work!

It was the first time I had presented to a school since having Rain Dragon and they were kind enough to let me bring her along.
She is thinking, "How long is this going to take?"

For each presentation, I did the interactive read-aloud activity, where I had the audience help me act out one of the stories from Starry River of the Sky. Unfortunately, I didn't bring enough stickers with me and I can't remember if I told the teachers that they could easily order more (for free). But it was still great fun!

The archer is shooting down the six suns!

Well, great fun for me and the students. Rain Dragon was a bit bored.

"No, really, how long is this going to take?"
After the interactive reading,  I did a draw-along--where I taught the audience how to draw a tiger and the wang symbol, both important features in Starry River of the Sky!

drawing tigers!

I was so glad the presentations went really well and  I think everyone was excited to read the book. Except for Rain Dragon, of course. She didn't find any of it very interesting.

"Fine, if you're going to take that long..."
I think she's going to be my toughest audience.