Tuesday, October 9, 2012

kidlitcon or Rain Dragon in NYC

Last week was quite a whirlwind! Right before my book store book launch and the online book party,   Rain Dragon, Sasquatch & I went to NYC so that I could speak at the 2012 kidlitcon.

Even though it was a very quick in-and-out trip, I think Rain Dragon had a very full experience! Her first train ride:

taxi ride:

and visit to a publisher!

Everyone at Little, Brown (the publisher of Starry River of the Sky) loved her and she loved them right back.

So much so that I was even able to record an excerpt reading for them (and my online booklaunch):

But I was really there to speak at the kidlitcon, a lovely gathering of children's literature bloggers (you can read a full write-up on the whole kidlitcon HERE).  They really were lovely! It felt like a lifetime ago since I did any public speaking and I felt rather rusty. However, the audience was so friendly I found myself slowly hitting my stride again. And they were also very patient and tolerant of Rain Dragon's little, um, "additions" to my speech.

Because by the time I finished, so was she: