Tuesday, October 30, 2012

pumpkin party

Last week, before the big storm (we weathered it fine, hope all did as well!) we had our pumpkin party. Yes, it was that time of year again! This year has been even busier than last year, but I felt like we had to squeeze in our traditional pumpkin carving! Since we will be moving, this is our last pumpkin carving in the apartment.

This time we were all tight for time and the carving began later then usual. There was also a lot of baby juggling:

So our pumpkins were not as elaborate as years past. But I think they still looked great!

There was Peep, a cat and Mike Tyson's tattoo:

And a rainbow:

didn't it come out well?
I couldn't finish mine until Rain Dragon went to sleep, which was apropos as it was an homage to her:

Yes, I did a dragon pumpkin!

As usual, it was great fun!

I hope next year we pumpkin carve in our new house with new and old friends.