Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Save the date for Starry River of the Sky!

As I may have mentioned, I am getting very excited about the release of Starry River of the Sky! I'm so excited that I decided I must have another book launch, even though I had thought the Dumpling Days launch would be my last. But with Rain Dragon proving herself to be a nice baby and this book being so important to me, I thought I'd risk it. Also, this might very well really be the last book launch, at least at my beloved Porter Square Books, as we're thinking of moving out of the area...

 SO, save the date for the Starry River of the Sky Book Launch:

 Sunday, September 30th at 3pm
Porter Square Books
25 White Street, Cambridge MA
 617-491-2220 (reserve your copy today, which automatically reserves your goodie bag, by the way)

 As usual, I will plan the most awesomest goodie bags I can (I am thinking star-shaped cookies!) with many prizes (perhaps special edition pocket pacys?). Stay tuned for next month when I reveal all the details.

 Not local? As usual, you can pre-order you book from Porter Square and I will sign it for you on launch day plus send along some extra goodies (probably not the cookies, though). And watch for the online giveaways I'm planning, too!