Wednesday, August 22, 2012

day in my life

My publisher asked me if I would participate in their "Day in the Life..." photo feature they do for their LB School social media site via twitter. I agreed and had a fun day with Rain Dragon and Sasquatch documenting our Saturday. The feature went up yesterday (@lbschool, #Lbdayinthelife) and I think they will be putting up an album with an advanced reading copy giveaway on their Facebook Page. But for those who missed it, here it is (with some extra photos that didn't make the cut):

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It's a rare morning that I wake up before Rain Dragon

Leaving Rain Dragon with Papa while I go to an early morning yoga class.

I eat my yogurt while Rain Dragon eats her hand.

Book shopping for Rain Dragon!

She likes this one!

She likes it at home, too.

Starting work on the next Ling and Ting book while Rain Dragon naps.

She's awake! Playtime!

Too much fun! Maybe time for another nap?

The sun is setting.

Shh! Rain Dragon's asleep. Bedtime for her, work time for me!


Raquel.Somatra said...

These photos are so beautiful.

Bruce Preston said...

rgeneumbeeAren't children wonderful?! Your little one is the sweetest! Thanks for giving us a peek into a day in your life.

jama said...

This is so lovely! Enjoyed this wonderful peek into your day :).

Nicole R. Zimmerman said...

Your Day-in-the-life is lovely. An adorable baby, a close bond, and seemingly slow day snuggling, reading and writing--or at least it seems idyllic in photos. Congrats on motherhood and still getting the work done!

Michaele Razi said...

So sweet! She's perfection!

Grace Lin said...

ha, well, I guess my day does look idyllic in these photos. But notice that Rain Dragon wears a couple of different outfits...I've omitted the diaper changes and other "accidents" from the photos!

Janet Wong said...

You really have the Work-Life/Art-Mom/Everything-In-Balance routine DOWN! Good job, Grace--and you look like you have a lot of energy, too--keep it up!

Hannah said...

Too cute love it!!!!!