Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Day in LA

With much trepidation, but much determination, the Sasquatch and I packed up the Rain Dragon for her  first airplane trip.  I was so afraid we would be the parents with the screaming baby that everyone gave the stink eye. But Rain Dragon was a little angel and slept the whole way, not crying once (though she did honor us with an incredibly poopie diaper).

good baby!

She slept so much that very early the next day she was ready to go and explore LA:

she's wearing the red shoes from hong kong!

We walked along the canals in Venice:

where a pair of ducks led us:

to a row of flamingoes:

past the starship enterprise:

to muscle beach:

to the storm troopers:

to finally...yes...A DRAGON!
Rain Dragon didn't see the likeness

By then Rain Dragon had seen enough and went back to sleep:

goodnight, baby!