Thursday, July 5, 2012

Book Signing in LA

I'm making a very rare appearance on the west coast!

On Sunday, July 22nd author/illustrator Anna Alter and I will be signing books at Pages Bookstore in Manhattan Beach. Please come! Like I said, this will be a rarity--I don't make it out there that often and I don't think I'll be going out there again soon. Please spread the word!

 To make it fun, I'm going to give away five pocket pacys to the first five people who ask for them. Get there early!

 Sunday, July 22nd
 1:00 pm
904 Manhattan avenue
Manhattan Beach, ca 90266
t: 310-318-0900 (if you can't make it, call & order a signed book!)


Helen said...

Hi Grace!

My kids and I cannot believe our luck that you are actually coming out to Southern California! We live very close to Manhattan Beach so we absolutely do not want to miss the exciting opportunity to meet you in person. Will you be at the bookstore for at least an hour? Please say yes because we might not be able to arrive until after 1:30. Thanks and see you in a couple of weeks!


Anne Lam said...

We are so happy to hear that you're heading to SoCal, and even coming to Manhattan Beach! That's where we live!! My girl is a big fan of your books. How many can she bring for you to sign?


Grace Lin said...

Hi Helen and Anne! I hope to see you at the booksigning, please spread the word!

I don't know how long I'll be there, I'll leave after I sign everyone's books (or when the baby has a meltdown). If not that many people show up, I might leave before 1:30. You might want to order or leave your books to be signed ahead of time, just in case it's a small crowd.

Anne--I'm happy to sign as many of my books as you have, but you might want to check with Pages if they have a limit on how many books you can bring from home, just in case.