Wednesday, May 2, 2012

winding down in Cape Elizabeth

With just a handful of visits left (I tried to squeeze as many in now as I won't be doing so many after Rain Dragon arrives), one of my last visits was at the picturesque Cape Elizabeth in Maine:

The Sasquatch actually didn't mind accompanying me on this one as we got to take a morning stroll on the beach:

I even found a piece of seaglass! It's funny, last summer I searched the whole time during our beach vacation for sea glass and only found a couple pieces (and I was so disappointed that the Sasquatch bought me a seaglass necklace for my birthday). And here, I found a piece in 10 minutes!

And my good luck continued, because when I went to the school I was welcomed with smiling dragons:

hanging lanterns:

and dragon parades:

Here's a video of one of them:

Also, a whole table of fortune cookies:

With hilarious fortunes:
"You will get 6 Golden retriever puppies"

"Beware never believe advertisements and commercials espeshally bobs furniture"
(Methinks someone got a bad deal at a Bob's furniture store)

"You will never die"
"You will get a rootbeer."
(I particularly liked the juxtaposition of these two)

I hope this one comes true:
"You will get something you wanted this year."

But I already feel pretty lucky after visiting such a fun school! Thanks so much, Cape Elizabeth!