Monday, May 23, 2011

on my desk monday

Birthday presents! Wheee! Look at these little boxes...what did I get?

First, with a sweet card came a pretty pair of earrings from my mom. They came all the way from Taiwan and are handmade "blessing flowers." Thanks, Mom!

Then in the wood box from my friends at Little, Brown (my publisher) came:

MOUSE CHOCOLATES! So cute...and delicious:

I almost (but not quite) liked them as much as my bestest gift which was from the Sasquatch, a red sea glass necklace:

He remembered how I kept searching for unique pieces of sea glass during our summer vacation, so bought me this necklace with a very rare piece of red glass. Of course, I heart it! But just to make sure I liked his gift the best, he also got me a yellow begonia and an apple pie.


Cindy said...

Happy, happy Birthday! Celebrate another year!

jama said...

Happy Birthday, Grace. What lovely gifts! I'll take one of those chocolate mousies now . . . :)

Jillian said...

Happy birthday! I want a mousie chocolate too! :D

Grace Lin said...

thanks for the nice birthday wishes! the chocolate mice were from Burdicks and I very much recommend them:

Terry Neal said...

I think the apple pie would be my favorite of the 3 but the necklace is nice too.