Saturday, May 14, 2011

luna's sea

Okay, I am not a very actively social person. If I am not going to school visits, I like to stay at home and write or paint in my pajamas. So the fact that I've been running around to San Fran, having Red Egg parties and (gasp!) talking to people is pretty unusual. And to add to my unusually social calendar, I went to Mystic, CT to see the opening of my friend Linda's show Luna's Sea. It's a children's theatre show with the Mystic Aquarium, it is all about a girl's adventure under the sea. Linda produced, designed and created it:

It was an absolutely beautiful show. Some of you might remember Linda as a fellow children's book illustrator (with books like this) but recently, she's been edging away from books for the more expansive format of theater. After seeing this show, I can see how it's a natural progression. Her show is like a children's book come to life:

Actually, I think it might be better than a children's book, at least for Linda! I could see how illustrating a book seems so limiting compared to a show like this. Theater is so much more expansive and there is more scope for a talent like Linda's to create scenes like this:

The photos don't do it justice, here is a small clip--which also doesn't do it justice but is a tad better:

And when I say Linda created it, I really meant it. She (with help, of course) made all the puppets that grace the stage. It was pretty amazing. When watching the show, you are transfixed by these underwater creatures.

And when the lights go on and you go up close, you realize how ingenious the puppets are! You can see more behind the scenes and all the work that went into the show at the Luna's Sea Blog. It's rather awe-inspiring to see that it's all a creation of bubble wrap, plastic lids, paint and foam:

I think this one looked particularly like Squatchie:

But as I said, it was a beautiful show. You don't want to miss it! If you are anywhere in the area (Mystic, CT) I encourage you to go see it! Maybe I'll see you there, because I'm definitely going again.

(Linda, creative genius & me)

Luna's Sea
Performances Every Saturday
at the Cornerstone Playhouse
in the Olde Mistick Village
April 16 thru Oct 2011