Saturday, May 28, 2011

Kids Reading Across Rhode Island

I was super-duper honored when I was told that Where the Mountain Meets the Moon was chosen as the book for the 2nd annual Kids Reading Across Rhode Island event. It is a one book-one state reading program and it is such a thrill to think so many RI kids will know the book!
So, of course, I was happy and eager to go to the big kick off event at the State House a couple weekends ago. It was a blast, but it was so busy that it went by way too fast! It happened so quickly that most of the day is kind of a blur.

First, there was a lion dance:

Someone told me it was in my honor, which I wasn't sure to believe. But I did get to feed one of the lions with lucky lettuce:

Which they spit onto the audience (always a crowd pleasing trick!):

I want to get these guys for my next book launch! Think that's too much for a bookstore?

Then I gave a talk:

to a lot of people in a really fancy room:

And then I signed books for a long, long time:

The Kids Reading Across Rhode Island program was giving away a copy of Where the Mountain Meets the Moon to every family for FREE! That explains the long line:

I felt like a rock star! Too bad I can't give away my books for free more often!

Thanks so much, Kids Reading Across Rhode Island!!!


Read On said...

Thank you, Grace ... We were so thrilled with the turnout at Kids Reading Across RI. You are a rock star!!

Thanks so much for being our special guest. We'll be reading (and celebrating) Where the Mountain Meets the Moon all summer long across the state. I'm so pleased we selected YOUR wonderful book!

Mrs. Vincelette said...

Many students from our school went to the KRARI event. It was great to meet you and we are enjoying your book tremendously!

Grace Lin said...

Thanks! It was an amazing event and I'm so happy people are reading (and enjoying) the book!