Wednesday, April 25, 2012

hometown visit

My trip to Ohio was my last airplane trip until next spring. There's still a little bit of time before Baby Rain Dragon makes her appearance, but she is definitely coming. Because of that, the rest of my school visits are via car, being chauffeured by the Sasquatch.

I prefer traveling to school visits this way, anyway!
And one trip is made to New Hartford, NY. For those of you who have read Year of the Dog, you'll know that is where Pacy lives and also where I grew up. Yes, I was doing a school visit in my hometown!

It was fun to be back, though I wished I could really show the Rain Dragon all the sights. Well, maybe she still sensed it.

Because the school did so many wonderful things! Decorating the walls were painted ink dragons:

The ceilings had beautiful kites:

And sculpted dragons watched on the bookshelf:
these are soo much better than the ashtrays I made at their age

I coveted this paper crane mobile:

which they gave me (as well as a case of pocket people) as a gift! Wasn't that sweet? I was so thrilled!

But the fortunes on the wall summed up the day for me. They were all full of good wishes and welcome.

Especially this one:
"Your baby will be joyful."
With all these kind thoughts, I'm sure she will be! Thanks so much, New Hartford!