Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Beaverton, OR

The most snow I've seen this winter year has been in Beaverton (right near Portland), Oregon:

isn't it rather magical looking? 

where I did visited some lovely schools, one on Dr. Seuss's birthday! I was warmly welcomed by the Cat in the Hat:

The librarian, Molly Sloan!
as well as signs and displays:

The students did amazing projects with my books, including this one using the idea of the red thread:

these are posters where students drew red threads to all the people connected to them
I especially liked these poems inspired by Where the Mountain Meets the Moon:

I thought this was a fascinating process!

A soft gentle breeze
A scarlet dragon soaring
Sweet blossoms flutter

Red Dragon on ground
Rope bridge across blue sky
Young girl excited

Portland is beautiful city and the students, librarians and staff were wonderful! The students were so enthusiastic and there was a lovely article about my visit in the newspaper.

I was so touched by how much the  students enjoyed my books, as evidenced by the book order for me to autograph. I love signing my books, so the large pile of books was nice to see. However, I have to admit the homemade, mouth-wateringly delicious, chocolate-covered cream puffs that accompanied the waiting books were just as nice to see:

YUM! Thanks so much, Beaverton schools!