Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Attention, Book Groups!

Were you a member of a book group (like a mother-daughter book club) that read Where the Mountain Meets the Moon?  Tell me about it at gracelin.manager@gmail.com and I will try to get you an  advanced reading copy of Starry River of the Sky! I will only be getting a limited number of these (and should be receiving them soon, I'm just making a list now) and I can't promise to give one to every group that contacts me (sorry, I wish I could!), so please make sure you tell me why YOUR group should get one. Don't forget to include your mailing address!

These are advanced reading copies, which means they are publisher's "rough drafts." There are still typos and mistakes in it and the artwork is either missing or only in sketch form.  The final book comes out in October, so these are special sneak peaks!


Sarah said...

Hi Grace,

My Old Lady book group read Where the Mountain Meets the Moon a year and a half ago and they are still talking about it! Many copies were given to children and grandchildren too!

Louanne said...

I am SO EXCITED about this new book. I read "When the Mountain Meets the Moon" the week it came out. Then last summer I bought it for all the little girls in my Daughter's China Travel Adoption group at our 4 year reunion (they were all about to turn 5). I read it to my daughter at the beginning of the year and she LOVED it!!

I have bought it for several more families this spring. I am a book junkie and I rank it high up with the classics in Children's Literature.

(ps we also love the Red Thread, that was our first exposure to you and I have since read all the Pacy books and will let my girls read them when they are bigger)

I am happy to have found your blog :)