Monday, October 3, 2011

versailles and au revoir

And then it was our last day in France. Our flight was at 7pm, so we thought we'd fit in one last sight before we headed to the airport. And that last sight was Versailles!

It was only after we got there that we realized what a mistake it was to try to see Versailles on our last day and for only a couple of hours.  Versailles is enormous. There's the main palace, the numerous gardens, the canal,  and then Marie-Antoinette's estate. You definitely need at least a whole day to really see it.

We made the mistake of starting with the main palace:

The reason why this was a mistake was because it was incredibly crowded and time consuming:

Though not without some neat visuals:
Marie Antoinette's bed!
The Sasquatch, a bit overwhelmed, at the splendor in the Hall of Mirrors
lots' o mirrors in the Hall of Mirrors!
But we soon realized that it was the outdoor gardens and the rest of the estate that we'd rather see.

I particularly wanted to go to Marie-Antoinette's Estate and see something labeled the "Temple of Love." I had one Pocket Pacy left  and I thought that sounded fitting.

However to get there was rather confusing.

And instead of at the Temple of Love, we found ourselves at the Grand Trianon and out of time.  So the last Pocket Pacy was forced to take residence there.

I thought her outfit looked rather regal! Fits right in, don't you think?

Au Revoir, Pocket Pacy! Au Revoir, France!