Wednesday, August 18, 2010

new author photo

new author photo

So, I've updated my author photo as I noticed most people were using the one I had taken over five years ago. The interim photo (where I wore a red cheongsam) seemed to be comparatively unpopular. I think perhaps it looked a bit too costume-y.

Author photo from 2005 that everyone kept using & more recent one that no one used

I've been doing author photos fairly often these past years not because I am vain (though maybe I am!), but mostly because there have been so many changes and transformations my life and I keep wanting my photo to reflect that. I guess these author photos are kind of a catalog of my growth as a person and author. When I look at them, I wonder if anyone else sees the differences I see. What would I tell the person I was five years ago, if I could?

However, most people tell me that I don't really look that different (which is a good and bad thing), so the new photo was probably unnecessary. But I was dressed up anyway, so I thought, why not?

And I like that I'm wearing my Grandma's dress for the photo, too!


Anna Alter said...

I love your grandmother's dress, such a beautiful color!

alissa imre geis said...

That is such a great color and that it was your grandmother's is so cool.
I think you look a little more relaxed in the new one. Very welcoming--which is a good way to engage new readers.

MotherReader said...

Love the new photo - and grandmother's dress.

yamster said...

I think they're all great! You have a gorgeous, infectious smile.

tricia said...

I love getting my fashion fix on your blog!

cindy said...

i want new author fotos too! i'm vain but lazy. haha! i love your top in the new foto, grace! is it part of a dress? =) also, i just got ling and ting for a gift for friends. i know they'll love it!!

Grace Lin said...

Thanks, everyone! I hope people use this one as I kind of cringe a little bit every time I see the old one.

Cindy--the outfit is an old dress of my grandmother's!