Tuesday, August 10, 2010

book talk tuesday

B IS FOR BETSY by Carolyn Haywood

IndieBound Description: Betsy is scared about going to first grade, but it turns out school is a great place. She learns about tadpoles and the true meaning of Thanksgiving, makes new friends, and has more fun than she'd ever imagined.

My Thoughts: I love the Betsy books! I referenced them in my author's note in Year of the Dog, I loved them so. I'm thrilled that this one and a handful of others are still in print.They've changed the covers on all of them, which I felt mixed about until a librarian told me that kids weren't interested in them at all until they were repackaged. If that is the case, I guess I can live with it. The new covers are nice and fun--but of course I have a soft spot for the original. And I have a secret hope that Haywood's books will find a new popularity--then maybe they will reissue more of them. My favorite is Betsy's Little Star, which I fear will be forever out-of-print. At least I found an old library copy!