Wednesday, August 11, 2010

book connections

I don't do a lot of school visits in the summer, but recently I visited Rutgers University where they were running a Chinese language for children program. Now, the extent of my Chinese is ordering at a restaurant (and even that is iffy) but they wanted me to come because they used my book Dim Sum for Everyone! quite extensively in their teaching.

I was told that the day before my visit, the teachers transformed one of the classrooms into a a dim sum restaurant and served food! The scallion pancakes and the egg tarts were quite popular.

Unfortunately, they had to take down most of the restaurant decor for my visit, but I did get to see some remnants. They even made the doorway to match the introduction in my book:

As well as super cute bulletin boards:
But what was most fun for me was seeing how they translated the book into Chinese! This is just a snippet of the they put together to document their program:

Isn't that grand! It makes me want to write bilingual books. Though, I'll have to get better at Chinese for that...


Kathy said...

that looks SOO fun - did they save any dim sum for you??

janet wong said...

How about this new merch possibility: plastic Dim Sum "toys" for multicultural and math play....4 ha gow divided among 3 people = ??? (another 2 orders, please!)

winswon said...

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