Monday, April 24, 2017

windows and mirrors

This is the height of my school visit season, so I've found it hard to squeeze in creative work. But the good people of the New England Children's Bookseller's Advisory Council asked if I would design a logo for their "Windows and Mirrors" project; I knew I had to find the time. Obviously, from all my TEDx blathering, this initiative to highlight diverse books is close to my heart. So after many way-too-complicated-and-not-great ideas, I came up with this:

It's not the final version (and the title may change), but I'm hoping it works...I kind of like it. What do you think?


Even in Australia said...

I love it!

Tjej said...

It is a well drawn idea. If you are considering other angles, I think it would reflect your meaning more if our view was over the shoulder of the reader and we see a window and mirror on the pages of the book being read.
Thanks for letting us enter into the process with you. You make lovely and inspiring things!

Grace Lin said...

Hi Tjej! Thanks for your comment! I did do a version like that, but didn't go with it in the end because I felt like the mirror had to show the reader's face and I didn't want to identify the race/gender of the reader...but maybe I will try again, just in case. thanks again!

Tjej said...

Not to go all fan-girl, but we LOVE your stories around here! And you read my post!! I'm so honoured! I don't know if you want more input, but if you have the window be the page they are reading, then the mirror page could be more of a profile reflection, which could have dark hair hanging and obscuring the face (so there is fairly little of the face actually showing). But what you have really is a good drawing - it does convey the concept well and keeps the reader anonymous. Thank you for your great books, fun pictures, and insightful sharing.

Lily V.B said...

Hi Grace I am reading "The Year of the Rat" and I am doing a projects that I am You and a "host" asks me questions that I come up with and I have to answer them so I wanted to ask you some questions!! And |FACT| I am adopted from China and my birthday is also May 17 if you respond Thank You and when I was little my family brought me to one of your book signings but sadly I don't remember it :( Thank you If you respond!!!

Mary McD-booking visits said...

I love this cover!

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