Monday, April 3, 2017

One Book, One Read, One Awesome School!

I've been remiss with this blog, I know. I've found it hard to get back into the swing of social media-- puttering and stalling, then repeat. But life has continued even though I haven't been posting and that includes my school visits. And I've had some pretty amazing ones! 

This one was so awesome, it deserved it's own post. It happened back in January in New Boston, NH where they had a One Book, One School, One Year read of Where the Mountain Meets the Moon! I can't tell you how much I hearted it. 

The school did so many incredible projects. This one was particularly touching. A teacher actually made the Minli's coat of patches (the one where all the Villagers of Moon Rain each cut a piece of their own sleeve to piece together...and the one Pinmei wears in When the Sea Turned to Silver):

and then each child in her class wore the coat and  wrote about  how they themselves would help someone who was in need:

It makes me get all watery-eyed,  thinking about it...

And there were other amazing projects, too! Much more!  Sometimes I wonder how my middle grade book will work with the younger grades...well, here, it worked beautifully!

The Kindergarten made Minli ABC's:

and observations about Dragon:

as well as illustrated and shared their favorite parts of the book:

The 1st and 2nd graders used the book as an opportunity practice their use of adjectives (as well as make some cool tissue art):

And the 3rd graders thought about their own personal fortunes:

As well as questions for me!

I'm not sure what grade this was but everyone enjoyed studying and sharing their "red thread" connections:

While the older grades mapped out Minli's journey:

and wrote their own Dragon stories:

Event the PTA participated:

Thanks so much to all!