Sunday, April 16, 2017

Happy Easter!

I've never had a good result coloring eggs--in my youth, we used those kits with the wire holders and the dye tablets and the colors were always disappointing. I finally came to the conclusion that the brightly colored eggs in magazines and photos were somehow faked.

But this year, Rain Dragon wanted to color "really bright" eggs, so I decided to follow internet directions as close to the letter as possible. Cool the eggs in ice water! 20 drops of food coloring!  Well, I am happy to report that, for once, the internet told the truth. Our eggs were the most colorful I've ever made them:

and were the "bright eggs" of Rain Dragon's dreams:

Which meant, of course, we had to have an egg hunt with them--We always have a Red Egg hunt for her birthday but she said she wanted to "practice." So, I hid our seven eggs (was aiming for lucky number eight but one broke):

And she and her bunny dashed to find them:

and had a happy Easter!

Hope you had one, too!