Tuesday, October 4, 2016

My book is out! Find the Red Butterfly!

Today's the day!!! When the Sea Turned to Silver is NOW out in stores!!!! The book is officially available!

I hope to see you at my book party! Thanks so much to all who pre-ordered!  But for those of you who didn't & don't live nearby, you can go find it in your local indie bookstore and...


Why? Well, my publisher did this really cool thing and offered independent bookstores the opportunity to sell autographed copies. Which, meant last month I flew to the publisher's warehouse:

and signed a lot of books:

Really, it was a lot of books:

which have been sent to select independent bookstores for purchase! Yes, you can still get an autographed book (if your store participated).

AND, I did something special for the last nine (lucky number nine!) books I autographed. In the last nine books, I included a drawing of a red butterfly:

If YOU buy the book with a red butterfly in it, take a photo of with it and send it to me! 

You can post it on my Facebook page or tweet it at me or just send it via e-mail (gracelin.manager @ gmail.com) and I'll send you something great!  A booklet (though I think I might be out of those), a poster, maybe an original piece of art...we shall see! So, go to your local indie bookstore and look for the book & the butterfly! 

I'm so curious to see if anyone actually finds one!