Friday, October 7, 2016

Fun with When the Sea Turned to Silver: Make a Rainbow

So, how far are you in the book? Well, here's another activity for you when you finish!

In When the Sea Turned to Silver, the goddess Nuwa places five-colored stones into the sky to stop the Starry River from flooding the earth. Pinmei's grandmother claims that when one sees a rainbow in the sky, they are truly seeing Nuwa's gift.

With this activity, you can see Nuwa's gift yourself! Using science, cast your own rainbow--truly an experiment worthy of a goddess! Download the activity HERE!

When the Sea Turned to Silver
Pinmei's grandmother always has the most exciting tales to tell but the peace is shattered one night when soldiers of the Emperor arrive and kidnap the storyteller. Everyone knows that the Emperor wants something called the Luminous Stone That Lights the Night. Alongside her friend Yishan, Pinmei must face obstacles usually found only in legends to find the Luminous Stone and save her grandmother--before it's too late. 
A fast-paced adventure that is extraordinarily written and beautifully illustrated, When the Sea Turned to Silver is a masterpiece companion novel to Where the Mountain Meets the Moon. Four starred reviews and a National Book Award nominee. NOW AVAILABLE!